I Don’t Blame You

I Don't Blame You.... These were her last words. There was this girl i knew, she was so cool. She was my best friend. Well, i thought we were best friends. She kept to herself for the most part, let me complain about my life. I didn't realize my life wasn't bad as bad as... Continue Reading →

The Unspoken

They didn't even knew that they were in a relationship or not. It was not complicated but it was just different or may be difficult to understand. She needed him to need her, and he needed her to be there. This cycle fueled their entire 'relationship' . She waited by her phone and when he... Continue Reading →

The Girl not understood

She was kind of like the ocean, wild and untamable yet strangely calming to watch. She loved making friends, but very few could understand her. She knew what she was doing. It was not her fault that she had many guy friends. It was not her fault that the society doesn't accept a girl and... Continue Reading →

The Two minutes tale

Whenever she asked, "How much time ? ", he said, "Two minutes". Those never ending two minutes became hell for her. She never wanted him to say that. And so one day he stopped. There was some distance created between them, she didn't know in which direction it was all going. She only thinked about... Continue Reading →

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